If you go to Urbino, you are sure to visit one of the main centers of the Italian Renaissance. Art, history and culture: that’s what you would expect to find. And you will not be disappointed. However, not everyone knows that Urbino is also known for fashion and style and that you can do good bargain. Actually, one of the most well-known Italian brand in the world has its seat in Urbino: Piero Guidi. His angels are synonymous with quality and highly specialized craftsmanship. The main products are definitely handbags and leather goods, but the fashion house has also been producing clothing for years. At the outlet you can buy products by Piero Guidi at good prices. The shop is located in Strada provinciale Feltresca N° 9 at Schieti near Urbino (Phonel/fax: 0722.59086; opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30-12.30 am /2.00-7.00 pm).http://www.pieroguidi.com/it

The outlet by Dirk Bikkenbergs is in Fano, an icon of modernity and sportsmanship. Actually, Bikkenbergs has one of its manufacturing facilities in Fossombrone, a small town 30 km from Fano, a witness of the skill of local workers. The outlet is located in Via Einaudi 62 Phone: 0721-854908 Fax: 0721 – Opening hours: Monday 3.00-8.00 pm / Tuesday – Friday 10.00 am-1.00 pm: 3.00-8.00 pm / Saturday 10.00 am-20.00 pm.



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