Frequent questions

Is the beach service included?

Has the hotel a private beach for its guests?

In the pictures we can see a swimming pool: how can we use it?

Is the beach sandy or pebbly?

I would like to know the distance from the sea to the Hotel

Are pets allowed in your hotel?

Since rooms are available starting from 2.00 pm, is lunch included on the day of arrival?

What is the difference between a standard and a comfort room?

Has your hotel any rooms for users with disabilities?


Is price per room or per person?

What type of breakfast is included in the price?

Is it possible to regulate air conditioning in the room?

Are rooms equipped with terraces, balconies or windows?

Is smoking permitted on the hotel premises?

Does each room have a satellite TV?

Is it possible to use the hotel kitchen equipment?

Is it possible to have special menus in case of food intolerance?

Is it possible to have support in food preparation for children?

What time are meals served?

Are beverages included in the rates?

Is an Internet point available on the hotel premises?

Is a parking lot available or shall I park along the street?

Is a service transfer by private car to/from the railway station available?

What time is check-in on arrival day?

What time is check-out on departure day?


How can I send a booking request?

How can I avoid errors on arrival and departure days?

Do you require a deposit to hold my reservation?

Is it safe to enter my credit card details online?

How do I know if my booking was successful?

What, if I do not receive any notification?

How can I modify my reservation?

How can I cancel my reservation?

What are the cancellation terms beyond which a penalty is applied?

What happens if I decide to leave before deadlines?

What shall I do if I book just few days before date of arrival?

What shall I do if I book on the arrival day?


How can I pay my bill?



Are my personal data safe?

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